Les p’tits instants


I’m a French photographer based near Paris in France, specializing in floral subjects, especially flower portraits, close-ups and still life photography.

My love for flowers started at an early age. I remember with nostalgia the bouquet of peonies from my parents’ garden offered to my teacher at the end of the school year, the sweet peas picked along the railway line with my beloved grandmother, the lilac season that I always looked forward to…

Many years later, a close friend, a photography enthusiast, offered me an album with photos he had taken of a poppy field. His photos literally amazed me. Unconsciously, my interest for photography started at that moment… and it grew little by little.
Today, what was at first just a hobby has become a real passion, to which I devote as much of my time as possible.

Through the lens of my camera, I try to faithfully reproduce the beauty of flowers. Portrait of a single flower, image of a perfectly prepared bouquet, or close-up in the heart of the petals… each of these little moments (“Les p’tits instants” in French) is a small piece of an immersive journey into the poetic universe of flowers.

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